Copper Core Power Bushing

Our Copper Core Bushing brings new features, low cost and ease of use to your current passing projects.

  • For panel thickness up to 13/32″
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Very low cost
  • Copper Core SAE Max Amperage:  Peak: 550amp @ 12vdc (6.6kw)
    • Duty Cycle: 80%
  • Copper Core Metric Max Amperage:  Peak: 450amp @ 12vdc (5.4kw)
    • Duty Cycle: 80%
  • Available in Red & Black
  • Bushing Material : Glass-Filled Nylon
  • Post Material : Nickel Plated Mild Steel
  • Fastener (nut) Material : Stainless Steel
  • Use second panel nut (359N) for high dynamic loads Panel thickness up to 3/16″

Weatherproof: The inner panel seal provides a secure fastening base for our 258 Series Terminal Insulator. This insulator fits snugly around the panel seal, and when used with a 4/0 ga (120mm2) cable, provides the assembly with IP-65 rating weatherproofing.

CCB-CCJB Torque Change Notification

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REF # Maximum Voltage Post Size Use Colour
CCB376N0N02 48 vdc 3/8" Normal Red
CCB376N0N02W 48 vdc 3/8" Weatherproof Red
CCB376N0N14 48 vdc 3/8" Normal Black
CCB376N0N14W 48 vdc 3/8" Weatherproof Black
CCB376M0N02 48 vdc 10 mm Normal Red
CCB376M0N02W 48 vdc 10 mm Weatherproof Red
CCB376M0N14 48 vdc 10 mm Normal Black
CCB376M0N14W 48 vdc 10 mm Weatherproof Black